Dec 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

Well after a flight cancellation, long layovers, and rerouting I'm back just in time to ring in the new year (with a really relaxed celebration). But before I look forward, I just wanted to take a moment to look backward over my past year (almost) of blogging.
In March, I pulled together several round-ups of wedding decor (menus and table scapes) while organizing my own wedding and philosophizing on the similarities between the fashion of the Sound of Music and Louis Vuiton. PB and I also went to Chicago where we ate delicious food at the Publican.
In April, I mused on how I could translate Miu Miu's line into my own wardrobe, searched for some amazing wedding flats, and pondered the best way to hang loose photos on the wall.
In May, I finally made my first cooking post and examined gray bedrooms while experiencing my first pangs for bootcut and wideleg pants.
In June, I discovered freunde von freunden and got carried away with Berlin style and finally stopped protesting and got a veil (but only after careful consideration). PB and I also successfully painted our kitchen with chalkboard walls.
In July, I suffered my first bouts of anxiety about any and all decisions I was making about the wedding. PB and I took a trip to California for our friends' wedding and to complete some last minute planning . I also went crazy for Acapulco chairs and petticoats.
In August, I prepared for back to school dressing (even if I'm out of school), PB and I finally ate some spaghetti after months of South Beach diet, and I went to New York for my bachelorette party. I also gushed about Scandinavian style and adorable weddings.
After months of talking about the big day, in September, PB and I finally got married and took our amazing trip to Argentina and Brazil.
October was a super busy month. PB and I first met Grizzly and started puppy proofing our apartment (that is, learning to put my shoes in my closet). GB started writing a weekly post on incredibly easy but super cute DiY projects for weddings, and I...contemplated the relationship between music, fashion, and interior design. I also sighed for pink walls and delicious sushi from Kushi.
In November, I became....well obsessed with decorating our place for Christmas (and anthropologie didn't help) and cooking delicious warm Sunday meals. Not surprisingly, I continued to analyze the perfect fall look, including fur hats and hair.
By December, I finally stopped obsessing and starting actually decorating. And I was super excited when I found these Bertoia style chairs on craigslist and started thinking about how best to use them (I still haven't decided). And I couldn't help sharing my real and not-so-real Christmas lists.I have loved having this space to talk about all the cool and beautiful things I see out there and how I try to incorporate them into my life. I can't wait for 2011 and everything it will bring! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving comments, my heart seriously skips a little when I see a new comment or a new follower. And I've loved exploring all your blogs and links you've left me. Happy New Year to all!

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