Dec 12, 2010

Masculine v. Feminine

You may recall that I often struggle with balancing out my differing design desires: coolness vs. cuteness or bohemian vs. refined (here and here). But in some ways it's totally a clash of masculine and feminine influenced spaces. The other day I was totally blown away by this Norwegian space that I on saw on Decor8. So wonderfully frilly and sparkly and light. Totally gorgeous! But when the new Lonny came, I fell head over heels for this space by the head of J.Crew men's design. That eames, the artful arranging of books, the stark Danish modern wood and colorful posters. A perfect mid century modern with even earlier Victorian dashes here and there. I'm sure in the end my space has ended up benefiting from both these influences, but sometimes it seems like it could be better if I just decided on one...

Images via decor 8 and Lonny


  1. Well this is not in response to your masculine vs. feminine struggle, but it is another sort of dichotomy. The top photo and third photo are helpful/inspiring to me because sometimes i love the idea of actually using your clothing and accessories as decor for your living space, instead of hiding them in closets or drawers. This is an especially pragmatic design approach when living in small spaces...

    Which brings me to a blog request: if you are inspired to at any point in the next month or two, design inspiration for painfully small spaces (perhaps even on a painfully small budget? but i can improvise there) would be amazing!

  2. I think with most people that are in love with design, deciding on just one is nearly impossible! You respect and admire it all!

  3. Angela: I am definitely inspired to do so, I will definitely dedicate a post to you! In the meantime, enjoy this:

    Thanks, Design Blooms! I'm glad to hear that it's a problem of loving too much rather than ignorance of design.

  4. Ohhh i DO enjoy it! Thank you! I forgot about those stackable lunch tins. I love the jadite cup and saucer. And i really want talcum powder in that tin with that big puff to apply it with... never mind that the floor and furniture would constantly be covered in a layer of powder.


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