Aug 5, 2010

Something about Sweden

It's no secret that I have a thing for Scandinavian style, so I was really excited to see an inside peek of Elsa Billgren's Stockholm apartment. Elsa does publicity for a vintage store in Stockholm and was recently named the best vintage dresser in Sweden by Elle Sweden (is there a US version?). What I love is that she's taken her vintage style right to the border of girliness. Anymore feminine accents and I would probably dismiss it, but the car posters, beautiful antique wood furniture, and subtle use of pink (as opposed to overwhelming) make this one of my favorites. Now that she's married, I wonder if she's made any man-friendly changes. I would love to see how she would style some masculine accents.

See the full home tour here, and her wedding ceremony and reception.


  1. My girlfriend now lives in Norway and is really enjoying the clean slate living! I'm dying to visit! Great post :)

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