Jul 21, 2010

It's happened

Suddenly, as we approach the 6 week mark I have been infected with the bridal virus. Case in Point: I went online to look at flowers and suddenly I decided, I don't even like flowers. I should have just done wheat or succulents, branches, broaches. Suddenly every single flower looks cliche and over done. And then I realized I just rushed into a color scheme...didn't give it nearly enough thought. Why had I picked these colors? I didn't like any of the flowers these colors came in...NONE OF THEM. I am really hoping this passes soon. Oh, here's some bouquets that when I calmed down, I realized were quite pretty.

Images 1 through 3 from Style Me Pretty, 4 through 8 from Martha Stewart Weddings.


  1. Such beautiful flowers. I hope you find what you're looking for :)

  2. Haha "i don't even like flowers!" I think you may have just committed bridal blasphemy :P Those are some great selections you have above. The blue ones are so unique; i love them.

    I feel like calla lilies are always elegant and strikingly beautiful in a very natural, unadorned way, and they seem to complement everything.


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