May 26, 2010

Feeling Grey

For a long time I've been dreaming of having a grey walled bedroom with white fluffy sheets. In preparation, I've saved numerous (see below) pictures of this very look. The grey walls make it feel intimate and the all white sheets conjure up feelings of clean comfy hotel beds. Maybe it's my Scandinavian roots. But then...I don't know...then my anthropologie loving, bright color seeking Spanish/Russian traveling (um, Red) self looks at it and wonders...will I be depressed without some bright prints and colors? Something I noticed that really seems to brighten up the room is a pop of citrus color (does hot pink count?). Maybe I just need a lacquered chair or some brightly colored lamps, maybe a throw?
Which rooms do you like?

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  1. I know what you mean. I too love grey and white rooms. I have a grey headboard and white bedding, white lamp shades, etc. BUT, a couple of bright accessories, pillows, throw or a piece of art will help bring color into the space.

  2. Yeah, i think the key is some kind of colored accessorizing. Or something that brings some light to the room. The top one is too depressing for me, as is the third from bottom (maybe because the mural above the bed is in very dark colors.) I am in LOVE with the 4th one; those mirrors are brilliant; the gold lights up the room, and they are literally jumping out of the wall. And the gray isn't too dark either. So much in fact that somehow the black lamp almost looks like a burst of color- might also be because the gold in the base matches the gold in the mirror. And i love chandeliers. I also like the room below that, because there are a lot of subtle personal touches with color. The bottom one is making me claustrophobic, and the one above that is a little boring (although that may be my hatred of carpeting coming through). I like the rest.

  3. Thanks for the feedback, ladies. I am also thinking that a grey with subtle brown tints might be a bit warmer.

  4. you know I'm down for the gray but what I'm even more down for is that deer trophy in the middle pic! very cool

  5. I think if your room has a big window or several windows that will allow plenty of light to come in, you'll be good. Otherwise I think it could end up being a little depressing. We have to have heavy curtains in our bedroom because Michael is working graveyards and needs to sleep during the day. If our bedroom was gray on top of all that I'd be one sad bastard.


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