Nov 1, 2010

Favorite Bangs (yes, I'm talking about hair)

I've had bangs for almost 4 years now. I gave up on them one summer and let me tell you the sight of my forehead for a few weeks was enough to send me right back to my hair dresser to chop off those wisps. I know I look better with bangs, but the question is, now that the wedding is over and I can do anything I like with my hair, what kind of bangs do I want? I love love love the style of Anna Karina. Maybe I should adopt some ultra short bangs? The problem is that while this looks cute with a bob, I'm not so sure how it would look with my longer hair. Also, I always fear I'm going to look more Bettie Page than Anna Karina.

Zooey Deschenel's bangs change frequently, but I'm a huge fan of how they look here. Not quite totally even, a little messed up, great for curly or straight hair.

Okay, I swoon for this hair, I seriously do. But I worry that I'd miss cute little short bangs if I had mine this long.

I would love to have platinum blond hair, but alas it's just not going to happen for me. That said, I die for Erin Fetherston's hair. So chic and cool looking.

What do you think? Whose hair inspires you?


  1. I always liked Anna Karina's look, but I thought she usually kept her bangs longer? Regardless, if you're in the mood to experiment, I say do it!

    I always coveted Brigitte Bardot's sex kitten hair. Whether it was loose and wavey or half-back and teased to the ceiling, I wanted her look!

  2. Oh yeah, Brigitte! Definitely also one of my favorites!

  3. You people and your bangs; must you torture me so?? :P Just kidding. Actually i'm going to chime in with another point for Brigitte Bardot... because really, how could you NOT want to look like her?! But for me, Audrey Tautou really does it. Aside from her perfect combination of eccentricity and classic beauty, she does curly hair with bangs well. And that, as you've heard me complain about a lot, is rather difficult to pull off!

  4. I was deciding which bangs to go for and I happened to bump into your website. I chose to cut it like Anna Karina's bangs. I found a picture of her with those short bangs and her hair was a few inches past the shoulders. So I think it does work with more than just a bob. The difference between Anna's bangs and Betty's bangs is how their angled. Anna's bangs are straight while Betty's is angled at the sides. It may be a subtle difference, but I think it plays a part on how it ends up looking.


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