Mar 24, 2011

Insert state pun here

I remember when Come on Feel the Illinoise came out and my friends and I OBSESSED over how good it was (ahem, Steven?). I listened to that album to death, particularly all over the Moscow Metro. I am so shocked I haven't bought the new album yet, especially because what I've heard has damn good. Do you have the album?

Mar 23, 2011


Did you see this over on Garance Dore (clearly I'm catching up on her blog)? First, how hilarious is the little story that goes with it? It made me miss my sisters (even though they are much younger and tinier than I am) . But also, how effing awesome is Giovanna's outfit? It looks so simple and natural but so crazy at the same time, I guess that's the genius of amazingly made clothes. le sigh
via Garance Dore

Mar 22, 2011

Oh yes!

This just looks so right to me for some reason. I mean, I already own a men's white blazer, so I was already halfway there. But the glasses, the scarf, the messy hair... (and maybe some brightly colored jeans?) man....I want to be in that photo
via Garance Dore

Mar 21, 2011

newest hair cut?

I've been struggling with what to do with my bangs (no change there) but I think this is it. Thoughts?

via Dustjacket Attic

Mar 19, 2011

why can't I look like this in a suit?

And also....why does a raspberry colored suit not seem totally crazy to me? What about a well cut black suit with a hot pink top and styled similarly? Would that be the runway to real world version of this?via because I'm addicted
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