Dec 16, 2010

....a light convertible too, light blue!

When it comes to Christmas gifts, I usually ask for the little things that I've been wanting but for some reason just won't (or can't as the situation may be) buy for myself. I believe all the relevant parties have been notified of my desires for this year well in advance. But I thought I'd share my list here, maybe you know a nerd with a penchant for design and fashion who would want similar items....

1. A flower from Emmerson Made. I can't wait to wear this with my camel coat. 2. Some new nail polishes. I have been coveting these very "now" Chanel polishes for awhile.3. Some new perfume. I believe I narrowed it down to Stella and Burberry Pop. 4. A new pencil skirt. I really cannot imagine my work wardrobe without them.5. Cooking classes for Blair and me. I am especially in need of a good knife skills class.
6. Fuji Instax. Ever since all my Polaroid film expired I've been looking for a suitable replacement. PB and I love taking instant pictures while traveling.

7. An everyday bag. Last year I was lucky enough to get a nice designer bag, but it started wearing down super fast, this seems like it would be great for day in and out use.
What did you ask for?


  1. love your list. i want many of the same things and anything from emmerson made would also be a hit.

  2. omg! i want a knife skills class too!! i thought i was the only one!


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