Jan 3, 2011

Where have you been, Hotel Boca Chica?

There I am just a browsing through Aubrey Road the other day when what? Is that a Mexican/Mid-Century modern styled hotel? In Cancun? why yes it is, Hotel Boca Chica. You see, I am way into the Mexican thing (hello sculls and bright colors) and I have a hard time balancing that look with my love for vintage/midcentury looks. But I love love love the way they've done it here. So clean and bright with just a pop of color. Another completely different way to mix midcentury modern and Spanish/latin themes here.

via Aubrey Road, photography by Jim Franco.


  1. Okay, I LOVE the mushroom looking things with hammocks. As long as I don't have to paint myself blue and run away from Gargamel and his cat, I'm down.

  2. I think when we're both done with this whole lawyer racket, you need to open a stylish hotel in Buenos Aires or Ipanema or something- you can be in charge of design, and i can be the chief mixologist. Blair can cook. And we could have a small super stylin clothing boutique attached to it as well. It's good to have realistic plans for the future :)


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