Oct 27, 2010

sigh...pink walls

There was a time when we were really seriously considering painting our bedroom bright pink. After we moved, I fell in love with grey bedrooms but sometimes I'll come across a picture and my yearning for pink walls is totally reignited. This one below did it for me yesterday. I especially love the look of pink and red together (a color combination I really to use when dressing).
There is just something so happy and warm about pink. For some reason, I feel it is an inevitably retro color. And I love how it can either be super feminine or masculine depending on its saturation. When you get super saturated pinks (dare I say, "hot") as opposed to the more baby pinks above, it becomes almost so over the top that it stops being overly girly and even...masculine (definitely helped by a huge stag in the room below).
via Annika Backstrom, Elle Decor, This is Glamorous, design sponge, (no idea where this last one is from, sorry!)

ps. for those whose living with pink haters, Cassandra feels your pain.
pps. no pink walls, but I love the use of pink here.


  1. i'm going to state it here in public again i like the pink wall idea...

  2. Blair is more in touch with his feminine side than I. Though, I do like some of the pink accents on those other pages. The pink chairs are especially appealing to me on Cassandra's site. However, I can honestly say I'd prefer them in another color.

  3. You just have to love Mexico to want to move forward with some of these colors, hence Matrioshka and I just want to make a little hacienda...


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