Aug 1, 2010

I eat carbs!

PB and I have about 93 cookbooks that we try to use...but rarely do so. We actually just love looking at food so much that they have become our coffee table books. But since we're finally at stage 2 of South Beach (and sort of getting bored with it) we decided to indulge in some whole wheat pasta this weekend courtesy of Urban Italian--a book we have been drooling over for like a year and have yet to make anything from.

We chose linguine with corn, bacon, and oyster mushrooms and it was delicious! (You're not supposed to have corn on south beach, but we don't need to tell anyone, right?) You need 8 ears of corn, a cup and a half of diced bacon, 2 lbs. of shiitake or other wild mushrooms, whole milk, cream, fresh parsley, parmigiana reggiano, and some cayanne, salt and pepper. Also very important to the cooking:

We broke out our special champagne flutes from the Crate & Barrel Registering Party (dude, you have to do those if you're engaged).
I love how corn can look like old lady teeth!

Doesn't PB have cute hands?!The sweetness of the corn just perfectly balances out the heat of the cayenne and the salty bacon. And honestly, I thought it worked really well with the whole wheat linguine.

You can find the full recipe and directions here.

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  1. PB needs to host a bacon party one day. Like a 5-course meal with each course featuring a different use of bacon. I'll bring bacon-infused vodka. (what?)


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