Aug 23, 2010

on Nerdom and Fashion (aka Back to School)

I was always a nerd. While this sometimes made school a less than pleasant place to be, I always looked forward to returning to school at the end of every August. For one, I was lucky to have inspiring teachers and secondly, I love fall clothing. And what is more fall than Cynthia Steffe's fall 2010 collection? It's got kneesocks, wool, capes, berets, camel and gray. I wish I had been cool enough to pull off some of these looks back then, but, hey, it's never too late to make up for lost time.

Were you too cool for school?

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  1. I was (and, well, still am) a nerd, for sure, and agree that back-to-school shopping is the best.

  2. Looove the kneesocks! Definitely lacking a good pair of those in my sock drawer.

    xx Cristina

  3. If someone showed up wearing any of this at my school, they'd either be jumped or directed towards the drama room.

  4. I have never been so excited for knee socks in my life


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