Dec 14, 2010

Wedding Maps

Time for some more fun DIY tips from the always delightfully clever GB. We didn't have a map at our wedding and I so wish that we did, so many people got lost!
Cartography is a lost art. First there was Rand McNally and now there's Google Maps. What's left to map?

Enter the subjective map: a map of a specific time and place. Like a wedding! Scale is not measured on physical distance but by emotional or temporal importance. In addition to being an opportunity to make something beautiful and clever, a map provides a very important function for guests (uh, where am I supposed to go now?). Some favorites:

Does this one from 100LayerCake make anyone else think they're in Disneyland?

Polished, but endearing design in this wedding on Snippet & Ink

Wedding color saturated in this wedding on Green Wedding Shoes

Subtle color in this wedding on Ruffled.
Simple, black-and-white in this wedding on Green Wedding Shoes.

Super cute map in this wedding on Ruffled
If you're having your invitations custom printed, ask your designer or calligrapher about creating a map. For DIY options, if you're any kind of doodler, this is a chance to go nuts - and you can always trace key streets from a Google map. If colored pencils aren't your idea of fun, this bride gives detailed instructions for creating a map in Powerpoint.


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  2. So cute! I love maps, as I think you know. But why did Power Point have to get inserted into it? I'm bored already.

  3. Powerpoint can be cool. Just ask David Byrne:

  4. Oh man, I guess I better revisit that post about using Excel for everything from budgets to origami templates... Just kidding!


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