Sep 30, 2010


Normally I am all for a more modern looking bedroom but who wouldn't want to fall into this bed?

Sep 29, 2010

Wednesday = Half Way

This past weekend we went camping at Assateague Island where I got tossed around by some waves. Then on Sunday we went over to crate and barrel to try and figure out what couch we wanted and bought some new chairs for our balcony from Ikea. For dinner PB roasted our first fall chicken.
Next weekend I'm looking forward to going to the Crafty Bastards Fair and celebrating a friend's birthday at a new Italian restaurant.

Sep 28, 2010

Horsing it up in BA

As I was flipping through the nice little tourbook that home provided to us, I noticed an entry for a store called eduardo sport that was great for horse and gaucho gear. Given that I am way into the equestrian trend and have always been fascinated by gauchos (they are basically cowboys that wear berets!) I hustled PB and I over there and got this cute little polo stick bracelet and riding satchel. I am so excited to wear the bag with my J.Crew toothpick riding pants and possibly these riding boots. I'm silly, I know!

Eduardo Sport
Charcas 5132, Palermo Hollywood

Look: at this spring collection!

I know, I have been craving fall clothing all summer long and now it's fall and my brain is on spring. But can you blame me? Look at these amazing photos from the Sartorialist of Jonathan Saunders spring show! These looks are so crisp and clean but feminine at the same time. I love the slicked back hair and red lips with the flirty skirts.

Sep 27, 2010

Round Two!

Okay, we are down to 2 couches from Crate and Barrel and I just can't decide. Suddenly I feel like I have to definitely decide what my style is and which couch somehow embodies that style.

In corner one: The Petrie (probably in tan or tranquil). It's got that early 60s retro modern vibe that would fit in with our style It's delicate and feminine but comfortable at the same time. But...
In the second corner, the contender, the Steele: There's something very late 70s/80s about this that I love and I just like that it's different, not so trendy. Very masculine. For some reason I feel like when the mad men craze passes (and I'm not at all advocating that) I'm going to want something a little bit more substantial.

What do you think? Petrie or Steele?

Sep 24, 2010

Gone Fishin'

Not really, but I am cutting out early to go camping in Assateague (there are wild horses there!). Have a wonderful weekend!

Via FFFFound

Gorillaz...still good

I totally thought I was over the Gorillaz like 4 years ago, but then this song came on the radio the other day and I had to share. It just makes me want to dance.

Sep 23, 2010

Missing Shag...

One of the things that sucks about having carpeting is that...well you don't really need rugs. In general, I'm not a big fan of wall-to-wall carpeting but we've got it and it's fine and that's all. But I do get a hankering for my shag rug Swedish, so 70s, so California, so rustic and chic at the same time. Some people can make it work on top of wall-to-wall but I favor it over hard wood or even better...concrete. Images via The Diversion Project, sfgirlbythebay in Rue Magazine, unknown, unknown (I will fix it if someone knows where these are from), Inspirational Spaces (photos by Elisabeth Aarhus).

Sep 22, 2010

Casa Coupage

I'm not going to totally obsess over my trip... too much. But I do want to describe one of the best (and there were many) meals we had on the trip. The meal was awesome not just because the food and wine were exquisite but because it was at a private home. Casa Coupage is one of Buenos Aires' many puertas cerradas, or closed door restaurants. The restaurant is run by two sommeliers who more than know their way around Argentinian wines in an amazing belle epoch (I mean 18 foot ceilings) home. But even more importantly the food was 'effing delicious. I chose to go off one of the menus and order a la carte--if only because I had to have both the octopus and the duck with brussel sprouts. And then...the cheese course. I had a goat cheese that was like eating a slice of home, it made me feel so happy and warm and affectionate. For dessert, I opted for this crazy zucchini (those are the cubes!) and cake and carmelized ginger option that was like nothing I've ever had. But dude...PB got the chocolate cake...heaven!

If you go to Buenos Aires, I absolutely demand that you email up Casa Coupage and make a reservation.
Güemes 4382,

Sep 20, 2010

Couch Searching

I am ridiculously excited about getting a new couch. Our current couch has visibly sags to one side. And it's got this weird car seat material and pinstripes. I've never been a fan of it. But couches are tricky. They are such a literally large part of the living space that their purchase requires a little bit of forethought. In doing some inspiration searching on-line there seem to be two main schools of thought: embrace the couch as a focal point or find something neutral that complements other aspects of the room.

As to the first category, here are a few of my favorites: I love how the bright colors or unique shapes become a focal point for the rest of the room. But there are some strong arguments to something more simple as well:

I love how these moer neutral colored couches allow for fun pillows, crazy wallpaper, and exciting coffee tables. At the moment, I'm leaning a bit more toward the second category. What do you think?

Sep 19, 2010

Ciao Argentina y Brazil

PB and I debated a lot about where to spend our honeymoon and whether we wanted to take it immediately after the wedding or to wait a bit. We were really heavily considering Thailand and Vietnam--places we are both dying to visit (hello? bahn mi!)--but in the end felt that the trip might be a bit too exhausting after the craziness of the wedding. We also played around with the idea of a quick trip to Mexico because what is more relaxing than tequila filled drinks, some wonderful latin music, and perhaps a stay at the awesome boutique hotels in Mexico D.F. But, we felt we had an opportunity for more distant we ultimately decided on Argentina and Brazil (specifically Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, and Rio de Janeiro). And we are so happy we did. I have returned so inspired by the unique hotels we stayed in, delicious food, and gorgeous natural settings. I can't wait to share a bit more about the trip in the weeks to come!

Also, my ultimate tour guide (the NY Times) just featured a huge guide on South American travel. In case you missed it, here is a guide to Buenos Aires and another to Rio.

Sep 11, 2010


Wow, I had all this idea that the week before my wedding I would be able to write all these cute count down posts...not so much. I went from beyond stressed to beyond ecstatic for 5 days without a moment to catch my breath. But the wedding was beautiful, I could not stop smiling I was so happy and now I am happily drinking a fruity cocktail in the Amazon.

I will definitely have a lot of beautiful pictures and fashion filled posts when I return next week.

Thank you for all the nice comments, they made me feel even more lucky that I already feel.

Sep 1, 2010

Wednesday = Half Way (Bachelorette Edition)

Okay, it wasn't last weekend but it took me awhile to get these pictures all together. But my bachelorette party was so much fun. I refuse to believe that anyone could be as lucky as me in terms of friends. They literally included all my favorite hobbies, drinks, and foods. Including, a sunset champagne toast water taxi ride ( love anything nautical), sichuan chinese food, tanning on the beach (trip to Coney Island), dinner at the Russian Samovar (mmmmm pelmeni), dancing, and brunch (actually 2 brunches!) including a little sparkling wine flight.
Yes, that's me!

I don't think I can thank them enough for taking time out of their crazy busy schedules to plan such an amazing weekend. It was such a great excuse to make a bunch of friends get together and celebrate.

And next weekend...I'm getting married.
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