Jun 25, 2010

Designing for Berlin.

I have always been strangely drawn to Berlin. Even before I first visited the city, I was fascinated by the concept of a city in which a wall separated two super powers from each other. But when I visited it for the first time I fell in love with the mix of modern architecture cleverly ensconced among historical buildings, many scarred by WWII. I also fell in love with the personal style of Berliners, a blur of great eye wear and tough boots creating a sort of tailored rock and sometimes mod aesthetic.

So I was so excited when {this is glamorous} featured Freunde von Feuden, a sort of Berlin focused Selby. It was the perfect complement to one of my favorite streetstyle blogs: stil in Berlin. Suddenly, I was full of decorating and outfit ideas. There is something incredibly spare about the spaces. They tend to feature a lot of antique wood, 70s leather, and industrial light fixtures (all favorites of mine!). While almost all the featured spaces have white walls, there's something less forced about them than a typical Swedish space. As if the inhabitants of the apartments seemed to just stumble upon architecturally unique spaces filled with dusty furniture with a lot of character.

To replicate this aesthetic, I would be on the hunt for great garage and goodwill finds in Bauhaus (primary) colors. As for style, you can't go wrong with some great vintage glasses and Jil Sander (a great example of a German designer). And it helps that Rock n' Republic make some "Berlin" jeans. Plus to be truly Berlin styled you need a few urban accouterments, after all Berlin is also famous for its graffiti. Some Adidas, or a huge digital watch seem like they would adequately fit the bill.

photos via Freunde von Feunden, Cherry Blossom Girl, Stil in Berlin

Jun 23, 2010

Resorting to Picking Favorites

I pretty clearly remember asking my mom why it was that the Saks catalog in November featured a lot of swimsuits and sundresses and my mom explaining to me that November is the traditional season for some people to go to "resorts". I'm aware of the fact that there are people who travel to warmer places when it gets cold and need a special season of clothing for the occasion, but I don't personally know any of them.

That said, if I was going to take a little winter trip, there were a few collections that caught my eye...

I'm not convinced that I'm cool enough for Vena Cava. But assuming I could suppress my dorkiness and muster up enough confidence, I would love to throw on one of their sweat suits for lounging around a Los Angeles pool. Or maybe throw on a mesh top to go eat sushi in a strip mall on Santa Monica blvd.

Erin Fetherston's collection definitely made me want to take a ladylike trip to Europe (and clearly, the hat is the most essential part). Those lady like dresses were obviously envisioned for eating Tuna Nicoise at a chic hotel while admiring a Mediterranean view. Those pants, however, wouldn't allow you to eat too many.

I'm pretty sure the only occasion I would have to wear Marchesa's resort collection would be if I time traveled back to pre-Castro Cuba. But seriously, what a trip it would be. I love those Ethnic prints, hue bracelets, and head scarves. And the dress below is seriously one of the most beautiful ballgowns I've ever seen. It actually makes tye-die look....elegant.

Also, some of my other favorites: Valentino (via Coco + Kelley), Balenciaga (via because im addicted), Proenza Schouler and Sonya Rykiel (via the Clothes Horse) and Marc Jacobs ( via Sally Jane Vintage).
Images via Style.com

Jun 21, 2010

my bedroom favorites/crisis

So we're 2 walls into painting our bedroom and suddenly I look up and...I just don't know what I'm doing anymore. So in a panic I search through some of my favorite bedrooms, but they're all so different. I love bright colors, I love all white, I love vintage, I love modern, I love vintage modern. So while I deal with this minor existential crisis, enjoy some of my favorite bedrooms.

I love how this room is all about the vintage style wallpaper but the crisp white bedding makes it feel more modern than grandma.
I think it's incredible how this room would be totally unremarkable without that cowhide rug and the pulp fiction poster. The contast of those two items with the rest of the room totally makes this room. I've already sworn my undying love to the design of the Ace Palm Springs Hotel. I love the surfer 70s feel of the rooms. Its masculinity makes it super hip. Vintage Vintage VintageThis room is also overtly vintage but in a totally feminine way. I'm pretty sure PB wouldn't let me get away with this (and neither would our landlord with that wallpaper), but I think its goregous. I used to be totally obsessed with this bedroom. I love how the color is enough to make this room completely unique and desirable. I love the combination of the white brick, black wall, and bright color in this room. So Swedish. I just want to curl up in that bed with a book. I know you can barely even see this room. But I ask you, how does a leaning mirror, a plant, and a vintage desk transform this room into something extraordinary? Elegant simplicity. I'm not sure I could pare down my possessions enough for this style, but I love it. This room makes me feel like I'm looking at the bedroom of a member of deposed royalty who has taken an apartment in Paris until conditions improve in his country. Is it the print? Is it the industrial space? I think it's both together. I feel like this headboard was carried aboard a camel for several days on its journey to this bedroom. 1. Design Sponge 2. Emma's Design Blogg 3. Ace Hotel--Palm Springs 4. (i'm guessing Design Sponge) 5. Emma's Design Blogg 6. & 7. Design Sponge 8. & (. Emma's Design Blogg 10. & 11. Design Sponge 11. (I'm guessing Design Sponge).

Jun 17, 2010

In Less than 3 Months

(this is making me really want to put up wallpaper in our place)

Kind of wishing it was Fall

I know we're moving into full on summer but I can't help it. I am thinking about fall clothes and more specifically the awesome jackets from Burberry Prorsum. I have been drooling over these pictures for so long, I had to tell someone. I mean, I love strawberries, tans, and long days but the clothes just never excite me. But this...so military, so sleek, so masculine, SO sexy. Leather, sherling, glossy hair, cowl necks, gold buttons, zippers, wool, and lots and lots of leg. I'm almost wishing for a strong fall breeze.
Images via Style.com

Jun 16, 2010

Escort Card (?) Roundup

One of the next projects I'm working on for my own wedding are the escort cards. While I love me some pretty caligraphy and heavy paper, there are so many other options out there.

On of my favorite options--particualrly for spring and summer weddings--is to use natural elements like fruit and flowers. Print guests names with typewriters (or maybe some courier new made to look like a typewriter) or beautiful caligraphy and you've created a really unique display for your guests.
Or if you have an especially unique theme, try to work that theme into the escort cards. I love excort cards that are not cards at all, but bottles, or a library card catalog.
But even if you do choose to do paper, there are so many ways to arrange the cards that it does not have to be boring. I love the use of tags, or arranging the cards as leaves or blossoms on a tree. And I've seen a lot of weddings using beautiful ribbon or string in escort card arrangements.

Lastly, I love it when escort arrangements are done by using large chalkboards (I know PB likes this one as well).

If you haven't already done so you should definitely check out Martha Stewart Wedding's website for more inspiration.
Images via 1,2, 3, 7, 12, 13, 14 15 Martha Stewart Weddings ; 9 Forget me Knot Weddings; 4 & 5 100 Layer Cake; 6, 8, 10, 11 Style Me Pretty; 16 Snippet and Ink
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