Dec 22, 2010

Wednesday = Halfway (well not really this week)

I'm only working one day this week, so I don't really need a countdown to get me to the weekend but I still just wanted to share a few pictures from my last weekend. On Friday night we went to the speakeasy PX, in Old Town Arlington. I had this dumpling drink that was maybe a little too authentic for my tastes but overall the place was gorgeous. Then we headed down to the Majestic where I got these ridiculous mussels with pancetta and apples.

We also have Grizzly his first bath. I was super worried he would be splashing around the whole time, but I think he was more scared than anything else. PB made me some delicious pork Carnitas a la Rick Bayless. And we experimented with some Vietnamese Coffee ice cream (oh...I highly recommend). It's basically all sugar from the condensed milk, but I made it with stumptown espresso and it is mouthwateringly good.

And next Christmas. We'll be in California with my family and I'm so excited to introduce Grizz to the family. What are your plans?

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