Nov 11, 2010

The Fur Hat Guild

It was inevitable. My Eastern European fascination eventually invaded my fashion taste, what can I do? But seriously, is there any more perfect way to top off some curly locks or an ultra feminine frock than with a tall fur hat? I think not. It adds that perfect little amount of masculine hunter or long serving general (depending on which had you choose to adopt) to any feminine look. And believe me, you can wear your coat unbuttoned or a lighter coat because your head is toasty and warm. Oh, I can't wait till it gets a bit colder so I can break mine out!
And there are definitely plenty of fake options out there, no need to do anything that hurts your conscience. What do you think? Have I convinced you?

1 comment:

  1. You bet! I have a white Russian fake fur hat (at least I'm pretty sure it's fake) that I bought in Prague about ten years ago to keep warm while I explored the city in single digit temperatures. I wore it on that trip and then maybe once after. I'd love a chance to wear it around again.


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