Mar 10, 2010

The Publican

I know, I know, all Chicago. But we just had such a good time....and I've been super busy lately and not able to keep up with my 94 blogs and just general web surfing. Plus, I think I was needing a little wedding break (it really does ebb and flow). Only a few more....

PB and I love food, and we were super excited to get reservations at the Publican. In choosing which restaurants we had to go to we were swayed both by some great reviews and a perusal of the menu, which revealed both oysters and pork belly, for me and PB respectively. On a sidenote, aren't oysters awesome? They're delicious and they make jewelry!

I'm not sure what this bulding was, but it was gorgeous. And I'm pretty sure we took this picture while crossing the bridge on which John Cusack lists Laura's cutuest habits in High Fidelity.

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