Dec 9, 2010

Santa Baby, there's one thing I really do need, the deed to a platinum mine

Before I get around to posting my actual Christmas list, I thought I'd take a little trip to fantasy land. If this list wouldn't put my husband, friends, and family into the poor house, here's what I'd ask for:

1. Classic Quilted Channel foldover bag. Definitely in red.

2. Eames armchair and ottoman. 3. Kate Spade Palace of Mirror bib necklace. Actually pretty much any jewelry from Kate Spade, so huge, colorful and retro! 4. Chloe flat riding boots (dying over that nude color). 5. Anything from Thom Browne's Spring/Summer 2011 collection. I am completely taken by that 70's look totally deconstructed and revamped for Spring. 6. A private pilates lesson every morning, it is the best way to start your day.
8. A trip to Bora Bora. Normally I am more a fan of visiting urban locales with tons of bars, museums, and shopping but these pictures of Bora Bora have convinced me it's on my must go to list.

What's on your fantasy list?

Images via Cherry Blossom Girl, SFgirlbythebay, A Glamorous little side project, polyvore, Jak and Jil, Pilates Point, Cherry Blossom Girl


  1. Can I add a I trip to Bora Bora to mine-thats a good one!

  2. ill get you that necklace if you say we can have the moose head sculpture above the eames chair!

  3. Ha, I'm down with the moose, they have it at westelm. Now my necklace if you please!

  4. Aside from first-class plane tickets to Hong Kong for you, PB and company? I'd also like a pilates lesson. And a private modern or ballet class... taught by Baryshnikov. *sigh* I'm currently thinking about vintage Hermes silk scarves. Also, perhaps for your Christmas stocking, my mom just got me these Rabitos Royale dark chocolate-covered figs, and they are divine.

  5. I would be getting a giant leather couch from Horchow instead of canvas from Ikea, an Audi R8 to replace my VW GTI, one of those 5 nights at an awesome penthouse somewhere in the Caribbean deals I saw on Ruelala today, and a couple jars of creme de la mer. Oh yes, and at least a day's worth of spa treatments.


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