Oct 28, 2010

We're Going To Start This Nice. And Easy.

I am so excited to announce that my my multi-talented friend, call sign "GreenBalloon", is going to contribute some DIY projects to Subtlety of Taste. In addition to being a skilled artist, print maker, and just generally great craftsperson, she also has wonderful taste. You can see some of her awesome printmaking work here (she actually letterpressed save the dates for my own wedding). Her wedding was filled with so many touching little details, I knew others would definitely want to see some of these projects and maybe incorporate them into their own weddings. So without further ado:

So, the Matrioshka and I go way back. On the topic of taste, we've spent many an LA traffic jam and I5 cruise control stretch discussing such fundamental questions as, "IS taste something that can be objectively GOOD and BAD?" These nuggets were of course mere toppings on a conversational salad of Reality Bites quoting, but I digress...

I also recently had my wedding, after only a couple of months of planning and preparation. You may have, like myself, enjoyed M's little "tasteful adventures" on S.o.T. But in this planning process, I benefited from her headstart on wedding planning, not to mention her subtle curation of the overwhelming number of wedding blogs. For that I am grateful, and feel somewhat compelled to give back. As such, M has agreed to let me contribute the occasional post, focused initially on some of the wedding projects I took on and where such inspiration came from. Without further ado...

I needed to start with an easy one because a) I have a cold, b) it seems appropriate?

So, bunting. Who doesn't love bunting? It's vaguely nostalgic, bright & cheery, and pretty much means "there's a party going on. here."

I give you... bunting.

Credits: top left here, top right here, center here, center right here, lower right here, and lower left here

In terms of making bunting, it's pretty straight forward: fabric or paper triangles (or squares or half-crescents if you like to break with tradition) and some kind of cord or rope. It really depends on how you are going to use it: indoor or outdoor, flying free or against a backing, etc. You can make it much more complicated (and beautiful) by sewing two pieces of fabric together (with lining for structure) and using satin ribbon to string it all together. That would be great for accenting a table at a refined indoor reception. But that satin ribbon is going to untie on a breezy day at an outdoor wedding. In an indoor environment, people are more likely to inspect the details (but not necessarily) and at an outdoor event you just need big color that won't get lost in the landscape.

Our wedding was outdoors, so we went for big color and sturdy materials. I picked up some brightly patterned oilcloth remnant pieces at various fabric stores (oil cloth isn't cheap and since you're cutting it up anyway, go for those discounted remnants) and some gardening ribbon from the hardware store. Oh, and a stapler.

It doesn't look like much, but you could see that bunting from across the park. "Party. Here." Mission accomplished.

Are you excited about bunting yet?? If you are, but don't want to have to make your own, 100LayerCake just happens to be giving this one away this week:

Doesn't this make you want bunting of flags of the world?


  1. Very cute. However, when I see a string of flags, I don't get the message "party" as clearly as "flip turn." This is what over a decade of competitive swimming has done to me.

  2. they looked great out there!they totally reminded me of papel picados at Mexican parties....or fiestas! You know like with awesome day of the dead stuff cut into them, I'm sort of obsessed with that. Now to put on my lucha libre shirt on for the rally! Great Post!!

    PS sorry for so many exclamation points!!!

  3. @R. Siren: That's hilarious. I was like the only kid in town who WASN'T on swim team, so I guess my visual instincts aren't honed so.

    @blair: Thank you!!!! <-!^6. I really want to make papel picado. I ran out of time for the wedding, but maybe I could do a project for a future post :)


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