Dec 23, 2010

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Okay, so you're in panic mode. It's the 24th and you are short a couple gifts. Plus, you're in (insert Midwestern city that does not offend anyone) and there's no cute little boutique to run to. Here are a few ideas:

1) Booze. I think you really can be classy about this if you know what kind of alcohol your intended recipient loves. Does your brother love a good scotch? Did your BFF study in Chile and always fondly remembers her trip to the winery? Seriously, hit up a good liquor/wine store and talk to the people who work there about your options.

2) Hit up your CVS/ Duane Reed! I am always seriously impressed with the variety of products that local drug stores carry. The one around the corner from us often has Bumble and Bumble and even Kerastese hair products. Who wouldn't love some shmancy shampoo or facial toner? 3) Gift Certificates. This one is so easy, everyone would love a free manicure, massage, facial, beard trim, pilates lesson. If you don't have time to actually go and get a certificate, I like printing out a pretty picture (like the one below), wrapping it up, and then let them know you'd love to take them for said indulgence.

4) Whole Foods. You might feel weird about this, but dude, the store has lots of great body products, delicious chocolate, and lots of scented candles. Once you wrap it up pretty, they'll never know the difference.
Picture 2 via Decor8 and 5 via Cherry Blossom Girl,

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