Mar 22, 2010

Inspiration from Sunday Suppers

As much as I have come to love looking at weddings (and I really have totally given into the "dark" side on this one) I have to say....sometimes, I'm just not that inspired by the table set-ups. I'm getting to that stage where I'm trying to figure out the smaller stuff....and I haven't found anything that really seems reflective of what we're trying to achieve. Something that looks sort of old and vintage, but also whimsical, and fits in with our Latin theme. But I did some perusing through the Sunday Suppers blog and found a few tables that I really loved.

I love the vintage look of this one, but I'm not sure how easy it is to find that style of tableware.
This is probably a bit too french country for us, but I do like the wood table runner

The above design is definitely a bit more modern look, but I really like the little fruits (what are those, btw?), very playful. I would probably change it to a lighter blue and have red berries to reflect our own colors. This might be overly simplistic, but I do really love the sort of linen-ey table runners.

Then I saw this Morroccan themed table.....Okay, Morrocco is not exactly the theme of the my wedding, but tiles are tiles and the colors are really close. It's definitely given me lots of ideas....

If you haven't looked at Sunday Suppers, I definitely recommend. They have some really great photos and recipes.

photos from Sunday Suppers

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