Aug 2, 2010

J. Crew: I am only human

In high school, I was majorly preppy. I mean like...the J.Crew catalog would arrive and I would go through it page by page on the phone with my best friend at the time. Fortunately, once I got to college my style buddy helped me out and the situation dramatically improved. Now that Jenna Lyons has been doing such incredible things with the brand though, I have been wading back into the J.Crew waters. And I've stood idly by while other bloggers have sung its praises somehow thinking that I needed to hold back on my adoration for the brand. But then I got the August catalog and I just can't do it anymore.

For some reason, they just get it. They know what women want to wear: menswear, sparkles, slim pencil skirts, beat up boots, beautiful leather, comfy sweatshirts. And the styling is effing fabulous. I have to admit, I totally stole the blond's look today (bangs pinned to the side, red lipstick, some pearls tucked in there).

No one wants to look like they are covered head to toe in one particular store. I think that by and large most fashion forward women enjoy being able to feel that they've pieced together different pieces to create a look that is "theirs" and isn't identified with one particular store. And for that reason, I have held back...but I am only human, and I can't do it any longer.

all images via J.Crew


  1. Yep. I wouldn't be ashamed to be dressed head to toe in J.Crew, especially with those looks. And i hated J.Crew in high school! (although if i was being honest and not just rebelling in my head against conformity, i probably would have found quite a lot that i liked) Those photos capture the minimalist, faded but with just enough sparkle contrast look. I like.

  2. I was not very hip in high school, I will totally admit that. It was a lot of wool sweaters, abercrombie flared chinos and flip flops...

  3. It's so funny because now I am obsessed with J Crew myself. NOBODY at my high school wore that kind of stuff, and I didn't want to be the first one to start I guess. But I think you're right, now they're being a lot more adventurous in a totally do-able way. I want their $250 brogues so god-dang badly.


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