Aug 13, 2010

Ciao Belli!

Packing for RomeFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Packing for Rome by matrioshkaDC featuring Missoni dresses

For some reason I have been craving all things Italian lately. Maybe it was my vacation from carbohydrates? While I am SO excited about exploring more of South America on my honeymoon, there is a small part of me that was really tempted to push for an Italian vacation. But since a weekend trip is probably not in the budget anytime soon, I thought I'd come up with my perfect wardrobe.

During the daytime, what could be more Italian than a beautiful Missoni dress and this gold chain Marni bag? After buying those two items I would definitely be scouring the sales rack for shoes, and I think these Forever 21 gladiator sandals would match almost perfectly (although who knows how comfortable they'd be).

I would try and dress for Fellini's
8 1/2 for more more dressed up looks. I am so tempted by this DKNY dress that would accentuate my waist. For a more demure look, I would want plenty of A-line skirts and frilly blouses. Maybe I'm being a bit too stereotypical, but I would have to wear red lipstick. And since we're in Italy, maybe I would stop into Miu Miu for that heart tuggingly cute clutch.

Where are you going this weekend?

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