Aug 10, 2010

Not surprisingly

Miroslava Duma is just as cute and fashionable when she's pregnant as she was beforehand. She definitely possesses the skill of being able to layer without ever appearing too hobo like. And I always appreciate looks that incorporate black opaque tights and/or comically large glasses. And I must admit, I have been very suspicious of headscarves and she makes it look so natural.
Some of my favorite beforehand outfits:
Images via 1 and 2 Stockholm Streetstyle, 3 and 4 The Sartorialist, 5. Whatever the Weather,Harper's Bazaar and 6.


  1. i wish i could walk around and look stylish like this.

  2. I think it's a lot easier to do so when you get sent free clothes in the mail and work in the fashion industry :)

  3. yeah would love to look this stylist all the time too!


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