Aug 19, 2010

Wedding Envy (Vintage English Wedding)

Man, I don't know if it's because my own wedding is so close, but suddenly I am having some serious pangs of wedding envy. I think I'm already mourning the fact that soon I will have no more wedding to plan. I can totally understand why so many bridal bloggers end up going into event planning full's really enjoyable. That said, I cannot wait to have real conversations with PB again, as opposed to "did you do...?"

Anyway, I digress. First there was this one. And then I stumbled upon this way too cute and stylish vintage English wedding yesterday on Ruffled.
I love that it's stylish but not trendy. That the bride and groom didn't take the traditional whole process too seriously but still created a beautiful event. Go see many many more pictures here and here.

photography by Lisa Devlin

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