Aug 25, 2010

Counting Down

I used to feel strange about how much time I invested in planning and thinking every trip I took. But I read this really fascinating article in the NY Times describing how spending money on experiences, like travel, is actually one of the most satisfying ways to spend your money. Turns out all that planning and anticipating your good times and then all the backward looking memories as you reminisce about your experiences brings you a lot more happiness than strappy sandals. So, what the heck...

PB and I were a bit slow to book our Rio hotels, so it looks like we will only be spending part of the time on the beach. While this at first seemed disappointing, it meant we have the opportunity to stay in this fabulous boutique hotel in the hills of Santa Teresa. Being a huge fan of dark wood, white walls, and , I know I'm going to want to emulate parts of this style in my own place.

Gorgeous, right? Do you obsess over planning your trips?


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