Aug 4, 2010

We all scream...

I have been trying to store the gifts we've started receiving until after the wedding. I have this idea that we'll come back from our honeymoon and put brand new sheets on our bed, new silverware in the drawer, and new towels on the racks. But when some very generous wedding guests sent us a kitchen aid mixer (our my new baby) and an ice cream attachment, my patience was overly taxed....I gave in. And I am so glad I did.

I had no idea how waxy and also how fragrant vanilla beans would be. I also had no idea how much cream and whole milk would be involved in this whole process. Before you even get to the mixing part, you have to combine the ingredients and cook them to exactly 170 degrees and then freeze them for at least 8 hours.

Then you put them in an awesome lime green mixer. I think it needs a name...

Our first batch was a little bit runny, and had a little bit too much sugar but oh my god was it delicious. (and yes we just happen to have lime green bowls and green walls in the kitchen)

1 comment:

  1. Starting to think of names for the mixer as it definitely deserves one! And roger that on too much sugar I'm shocked we slept afterwords


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