Apr 13, 2010

Style Buddies

Don't laugh at me. Sometimes if I'm having a particularly hard time deciding what to wear I flip through the Sartorialist's book, or some of my favorite blogs to inspire me. It's not that I'm looking to steal a particular outfit...but more that sometimes I just need a quick fix of inspiration to get me out of my uniform rut and normal combinations.

But it wasn't always like that, and I'm not taking about the rise of fashion blogs and the demise of fashion magazines. No, in my own life, I used to be inspired to dress a little differently by one of my best friends, and at that time roommate. It sounds sort of insane now, but we had so much fun in the mornings suggesting pearls with tee shirts and swapping chuck taylors or campers flats (dude this was like 7 years ago, and we were in college). Of course I love living with PB, but I do miss having a fashion cohort to suggest my outfit is missing legwarmers and to lend me some blue eyeshadow.

What pushes you to wear something a little different?

Photos from That Vintage via Bleubird Vintage, the Sartorialist, Olsons Anonymous, Anna Wolf via Experience Parisienne, Garance Dore(?), Niotillfem, the Sartorialist.


  1. You know, this means we need to take more Sartorialist-style photos of ourselves together. So we can have photos like that, and so we can then be inspired by each other and our fashion choices. Like last Saturday, you, Rachel and I looked way too fashionable to be going to Whole Foods to buy food to cook for dinner. A perfect photo op... esp while cooking and drinking cocktails. And Prosecco. And more cocktails.

  2. Courtney, we were NEVER Olson twins. I miss it so much too. I REALLY miss that I can't even figure out what to wear most days anyway, since it consists of a silly metermaid-esque uniform. Actually nah, it's not as cool as that.

  3. Angela--totally agreed, I was thinking at the time that we clearly needed to see and be seen.

    Megan--we kind of were. I think we looked as ridiculously awesome as they do here.


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