Jul 30, 2010

And she dances on the sand

Just 5 more weeks till the big day...which means 5 weeks and 2 days till the honeymoon and I am so excited. A couple days ago Garance Dore turned me onto Lisa Marie Fernandez, and my first thought was how perfect her swimsuits and dresses would be for the Rio portion of our trip. It's a little bit out of my budget, but a girl can dream.

But it's not just the dress. I'm gonna need some options, right? I will definitely need some great sunglasses while laying on the beach, and what better than Prada's futuristic butterfly ones. And if I want to keep my scalp from burning, I believe a great panama hat is in order. Since my skin is going to be a nice brown, I will also want some warm colored gold accessories, like these 18 karat gold feather dipped earrings.

Having blown all my money on accessories, I better find a swim suit that is more proportionate to my budget, like this awesome one from bodyglove. I am also seriously considering those hot pink sandals from Dolce Vita (which is one of my favorite shoe brands). I could throw those in a nice nautically striped bag (naturally, yellow) for the evening while walking around in my Havianas during the day. And...I just want that Ella Moss skirt... I'd wear that in any country.


  1. Yeah... Ella Moss is one of my summer staples (or rather, would be if i could afford to buy a lot more of her stuff. But in my head it is.) A lot of her stuff screams "i have nothing to do but relax poolside in Rio sipping caiphirinas." Definitely honeymoon material.

  2. Do you think Ella Moss is her real name? It sounds too perfect?

  3. I've wondered that before. I tell myself it is.


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