Mar 30, 2010


The other day PB remarked that he was experiencing some nostalgia towards our transiberian summer journey. I have to admit, long hours spent inside the office have also lately had me craving some dramatic countryside and colorful characters. I know lots of people crave laying on the beach, but I've been craving...
What locations have you been lusting after?

(I wrote this post before yesterday's events. I have met some really wonderful people during my travels in Russia, and I was really saddened by yesterday's events.)


  1. These pictures are so awesome, especially my forearm with borscht, the temple of heaven, and random Russian girl on horse!

    Aside from wanting to spend more time in Moscow, and my obvious desire for Argentina I really just want to be in Mexico again, yes sorta boring...

  2. Anywhere... definitely longing for more Balkans though. In the meantime though, do you have any desire to try this place?! I'm so excited:,1162057/critic-review.html


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