Mar 10, 2010

Sharp Ideas at Vogue

I was stunned when I opened my latest Vogue and saw this amazing home. I love the bright colors and the mix of old and new pieces. I always love the idea of clean white spaces and modern (i.e. Swedish) design, but I just love "stuff" too much.
I WANT those couches! Also, how come my stacking of books never looks like that?

I think PB would die for a bath like this

Who would think stacked firewood could look so awesome?

What do you think?

photos courtesy of Vogue


  1. Hey, have you used this site, Sort of trying to be the IMDB of fashion. Site is a bit slow, but thought you might find it interesting...

  2. No, but it seems awesome. I did, however, download a app that lets you browse every season and practically every designer. It's pretty awesome! xo


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