Mar 29, 2010

Denim Shirts

I know that denim shirts have been officially "back" for some time, but I have thus far been pretty skeptical. I still associate them with the 8th grade stretchy ones from the limited I used to wear with snaps. Still, some of my favorite blogs and magazines have been making a compelling arguement.
From the Sartorialist. I love the mix of the denim with tweed.

Sandra from niotillfem. I shouldn't be surprised, she makes everything work.

Even the Russians have already embraced the trend. By the way, what do you think about mixing denims? Canadian tuxedo, or super chic? (via Fashion Girl).

It wouldn't take any convincing to get me into this shirt. It might take me some money I don't have....but I'll worry about that later. Vogue, via Coco + Kelley


  1. 1) I cheaply purchased a denim shirt from Target (that converse brand) thinking it could pass for chambray (it doesn't, but I still like it). I wore it with gray cords and a skinny metallic belt.
    2) I vote no for denim on denim UNLESS you are a fashionista OR you are in the backwoods with your cousins and THEY are all wearing plaid.


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