Mar 22, 2010

The Gold Standard

PB and I are way into Caesar salads. We could (and have) eat them for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner if they're available. As such, we have been searching for the best Caesar salad for some time. Unfortunately, we started off with the goat cheese Caesar salad at Central (Michel Richard). It's unfortunate because so far no other Caesar salad has been able to beat it. While ordinarily I tend to think that the more traditional a Caesar salad is (lemon, anchovie, parmesan, crunch crouton), the better it is; in this case the replacement of Parmesan cheese with goat cheese just made it incredibly rich and therefore tasty. Plus, I love the giant crouton and overall presentation.

So now...we're just looking for one that can beat it....

1 comment:

  1. Seriously folks does anybody have any good Caesar salad recommendations? I'm not saying that we don't have any ideas about where to go next, but I will say identifying good Caesar salad locations on yelp is not very satisfying....

    Also is anyone else thing of Caesar Chavez

    Yes I know thats Caesar Romero


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