Mar 24, 2010

Big Branches

Okay, clearly I like cherry blossoms, but I have seen a few arrangements with other big branched flowers that have caught my eye. I don't know, there's something about them. It's beautiful without being too cheesy or cliche.

Do you like more traditional flower arrangments better?

Images from Perfect Bound, Coco + Kelley (sorry, I downloaded it awhile ago, I don't have the link), and Design Sponge


  1. I think the branches are pretty dramatic and nice but they might be hard to have with a family style serving arrangement that we are having

  2. As this weekend has reminded me, I am severely allergic to flowering trees. Since Claritin is of no use for this problem, I vote nay.

    However, more importantly, there's a high probability of guests getting too drunk and impaling themselves on branches...

  3. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Okay, looks like this idea is out! I don't want you to have to be sleepy from claritin in any case.

  4. Dude, I love the branches. I feel like I've seen arrangements where it's somehow elevated and so it's not in the way of talking/serving. It's cool how the branches then make a little tree over the table, but I guess that doesn't solve the allergy issue... :\

  5. Oh, after a few cocktails you won't notice the allergies...


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