Mar 15, 2010

Hat Hat Heat!

I have always been very particular about my hats. Ordinarily, the main issue with hats is that in our normally hatless modern society, the act of wearing a hat, in and of itself draws too much attention. I might feel that way because I grew up in a region where you only really wore hats skiing since it never really got cold enough to wear them during the winter. But actually, my particular problem with hats has nothing to do with standing out. In fact, I LOVE wearing my big fur Russian hat (and by Russian I mean bought on a snowy day from a man with gold teeth in Moscow). For some reason, I've always just had a problem with hats that might.....look like they're from Jamaica. To avoid looking like a Rastafarian, I have a strict non-floppy beret only policy for round hats. But I've started seeing a few pictures around that have made me think differently.

A few weeks ago, I saw Naomi of Rockstar Diaries (an avid hat wearer from what I can tell) wearing an awesome hat.
Then today, I saw this on Garance Dore:

I don't know...maybe they're just beautiful women and it wouldn't matter what they had on their heads. But I've been perusing these guys over on Urban:

Thoughts? Is it too.......playing hackie sack in Berkeley (or juggling in France as it may be)? or can it be done with the right clothes?

1 comment:

  1. You had me until last two. You'd have to work so hard to make those look good you'd end up with a punch in the face from me.


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