Mar 2, 2010

Oh anthro.....

Now that I have my dress, I'm free to start concentrating on other accessories. Even though I want my dress to stand out on its own (honestly, I am so excited to own such a beautiful piece of fabric and design), I'm a big fan of large statement making jewelry. Fortunately, the usual suspect (yes, anthropologie) has a TON of great pieces, and they're actually fairly affordable.
Here are just a few: Feathered Links: can you imagine this as your something blue?
Elia necklace

Mint Drop (I like the name almost as much as the necklace)

Gossamer lei: I love the tiny crystals
I know there's probably a whole treasure trove of ideas on Etsy as well. Anyone got any ideas? Which ones are your favorites?

1 comment:

  1. The Mint Drop makes me feel like I am swirling around in bubbly waves with mermaids and pretty sea creatures. The bottom one is just undeniably gorgeous, and i THINK goes well with the dress? Too bad you can't post a photo of that, although i don't think Peanut Butter could resist looking. (Trust me Peanut Butter, it's drop-dead gorge.) It (the bottom necklace) also looks wedding dress-y. The top one is super chic and something i'd wear dressed up or down, and could actually possibly go with a wedding dress or jeans. Something about the Elia grabs me though. I think it's the mix of vintage plus intricate modern.


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