Mar 8, 2010

How I Met "How I Met"

For a long time some friends of mine had been extolling the virtues of How I Met Your Mother. But for some reason....I was resistant. I guess because the few times I'd watched a few minutes of it there was this obnoxious laugh track that really turned me off. But one lazy Sunday while strolling through Hollywood video (RIP) PB and I decided we needed a new series, and plus I always loved Doogie Howser.

Kids, it is really good! yes, god knows why there is a laugh track, but honestly I laugh out loud as much as at the Colbert Report. But really, the star of the show is Neil Patrick Harris. I mean he actually has talent. As seen here:


  1. I'm totally biased as I am mentioned in this post, but seriously this show is awesome! I initially thought the show was a lame continuation/knock off of Friends complete with three camera format and an obnoxious laugh track. I was wrong! The show has a great understanding of its audience, has complex time signatures, and has one of the freaks from Freaks and Geeks. Its totally worth the investment in time to check it out.

  2. Hahaha "what a perfect rack... I want to give them a squeeze"


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