Mar 7, 2010


We just got back from a wonderful weekend in Chicago (by which I mean full of lots of shopping and bad-for-you food). One of the highlights was getting to stop by P.O.S.H., conveniently--and dangerously--located about 2 blocks away from our hotel. For some reason, it seemed to have all the items I've been looking for: a new blank paged journals, vintage matches for my match collection (well I didn't know I needed those), and some gold buttons for my pea coat. But aside from those treasures they have a ton of great vintage (and vintage style) silverware, dinner wear, plates, glassware, and just cute little knickknack's. I've even added some items to my.registry from the store. It seems like such a great alternative to always buying everything from huge chain stores (convenient as they may be).

I don't know why, but I LOVE jadeite

Pink Jadeite!
Little beauties, like notebooks and Eiffel tower keychains.

Oh, and best of all, you can order everything on-line.

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