Jan 25, 2011


You see them in so many outdoor weddings and they look so cool. But if you're like me, you think "Meh, do I really need this? Probably not." Well, about two weeks before the wedding, I started thinking about how our wedding was in an ENORMOUS park space and all the cute pinwheels and cranes we had labored over making could get lost in the vast, green expanse. I decided that I needed more big, colorful things floating around and parasols fit the bill. So, I ordered twenty parasols from Jadetime.com and bought a shiny red bucket at IKEA to hold them.

Guests milled around with a little sun protection

But let's just take a moment to enjoy a range of cute parasols looks and some other ideas for how to use them...

Color-scheme focused in this wedding on Ruffled

Eclectic and vintage in this wedding on Ruffled. Umbrellas from Bella Umbrella.

Include a small sign to encourage guests to join in, like this wedding on Ruffled
Sometimes, parasols are just plain practical, like in this beach wedding on Snippet & Ink

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