Jan 11, 2011

Wedding "Logo"

There's a reason marketing departments in companies everywhere spend millions on branding - in the mind of consumers and customers, it's VERY closely associated with who and what you're about. Logos are critical visual components of a brand. They are carefully designed and then used in as many places as possible to reinforce the brand.

So what does that have to do with a wedding? Well, not much really. But it DOES have to do with creating a memorable experience. It's also another excuse to make something beautiful and creative. Yay!

This bride, featured on Green Wedding Shoes, talks about having a friend that designed their "logo" that they used on everything from bags to flags, and I even noticed they recreated it on their chalkboard sign :)

This one on 100 Layer Cake is adorable and you can definitely see how they reused their "icons" in lots of creative ways. It was clear from their photos that he is the beaker and she is the cupcake - so cute!:

This other one on 100 Layer Cake uses a familiar image (on the left), but tweaked for the couple. It basically leverages the Toulouse-Lautrec image already in your memory bank, which is very clever:

This one from Ruffled is a sweetly simple logo stamp. Thanks to M's tip from her wedding, you could look into having a custom stamp made at Paperwink:

Almost as soon as we set a date, I sat down and designed a small, 2"x2" linocut that I could use on various decorations. I didn't really occur to me until later that I had just created the logo for our wedding:

Filling up a box with seed favors featuring our "logo" print

What symbols or creatures could represent you or the style of wedding you are having? What kind of aesthetic communicates your style: modern and graphic, cute and cartoon-y, ornately vintage?

Also, if there's anything you want to see "crafted", leave a comment and I'll see what I can do!


  1. I really have to say that the linocut was one of my favorite aspects of your wedding. It still blows my mind that you made that!

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