Jan 18, 2011

Pinwheels, Part 3

What would I do without GB? I love her weekly doses of DiY inspiration! She made the cutest pinwheels for her wedding, and here she offers instructions for pinwheel boutonnieres.
Did I mention that there are A LOT of pinwheel ideas out there? This time, we're going to talk about pinwheel boutonnieres. Since the girls would have pinwheels in their bouquets, it seemed like a wonderful balance to have the guys wearing a pinwheel on their lapel (or suspenders, in our case).

This wedding on Ruffled featured lots of pinwheel ideas, but in my notes its the only one with boutonnieres. And if you're not into making them yourself, this bride sourced from Twirlie Whirlies - yay! Etsy!

I found some neat, old-fashioned looking brass buttons in the discount section of Britex Fabrics, which also supplied the pin backings and an industrial strength glue. You can find my detailed how-to in my Ruffled DIY Contest entry.

Photo Credit: Torrey Mandell Freeman
Photo credit: Torrey M F

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