Jan 21, 2011

Bright and Beautiful

It started when I asked my hairdresser to color my hair "ombre." Actually, I just wanted it to look like this, like grown out highlights. After having had very dark hair for the past 4 years, even a little lightness seemed like a big change. But now I've been wanting to change everything up, including my beauty routine (which is ridiculously minimal). I've all but abandoned using things like toner or multiple forms of moisturizer, but I also stopped really doing much make-up wise besides a red lip here and there. So I've been searching through the new Refinery 29 spring make-up guides and Into the Gloss (my newest favorite blog) for some ideas. I haven't made any new purchases yet, but here's what I like. Playing with a bit more eyeliner by lining the whole eye and experimenting with color or alternatively (because both at once could be deadly) peachy cheeks and lips.
And I may just be stealing these ladies' skin care tricks, because I'm loving the fresh faces they've got here. (all bottom photos via Into the Gloss)
What's your best beauty secret?

1 comment:

  1. Rosewater witch hazel toner followed by antioxidant-rich moisturizer (a different one for day and night; the daytime one including sunscreen, and the nighttime one being thicker) and some high-moisture, anti-aging eye cream. My dear, i almost fell over when you told me you often don't use moisturizer at night!


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