Jan 4, 2011

Vintage cars at weddings

Are you planning on having a fancy car at your wedding? PB and I just had your traditional-type limo, but we are definitely not the car person that GB's husband is. Read more below!
This is one I really can't take credit for: I haven't owned a car since high school, but my husband owns a couple and they are all at least 20 years old. While I don't think I'll ever share his level of enthusiasm (or knowledge), his love of vintage cars has rubbed off on me. I'm even printing a series on them. But can you blame me? They have so much style - I don't think of them functional devices, but creations from another time, with personality. So, there was DEFINITELY going to be a car element at our wedding. And TD took that job (well, he assigned it in the first place, really) without hesitation!

But looking around, vintage cars pop up in a lot of great-looking weddings. Whether it's shiny and restored or old and weathered, that style and personality really adds something. Here's a couple that stand out:

Colorful and classic for an outdoor wedding on Ruffled

Rusted and rustic for a rural wedding on Snippet & Ink

Sporty and European for an urban wedding on Green Wedding Shoes.

The Bride's ride for this city hall wedding on Snippet & Ink.

Ridiculously cute micro-car for this European wedding on 100 Layer Cake.

Of course, TD wasn't satisfied with anything less than a 1955 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. We parked it right in the reception area, where it became a photo magnet and talking point for guests.

Photo credit: Beckie W
Dormain & Anthony Wedding 243
Photo credit: Sara V


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