Jan 5, 2011

Wednesday = Halfway

Last week's travel delays also delayed me posting a few of my favorite images from our Christmas weekend. We were super brave this year and flew with Grizz to both of our parents homes, but I'm so glad we did because it was great to really experience being part of two wonderful families (awwwww). In Kansas City, we went to the Kemper museum of modern art and ate effing delicious pastrami sandwiches at their Cafe Sebastienne. But beyond that, we mostly hung out at home eating delicious peanut butter balls and watching Grizz play with his cousin Gracie (who he has missed desperately since we returned). And isn't PB's Mom's table beautiful?

In San Francisco, we had ridiculously rich seafood stew for Christmas eve with iceberg wedges and blue cheese. And isn't our tree beautiful? My parents call their trees Uma Thurman trees (tall, skinny, and graceful). Before we left, I invited all my "hometown" friends over to make pizzas and drink wine in the kitchen. It is definitely a repeat event.

This weekend I'm looking forward to having a girl's night out on Friday, a visit from my sister on Saturday, and on Sunday we're having friends over for a French-Vietnamese dinner party. What are you looking forward to?

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  1. I'm looking forward to hearing about girls' night out and the French-Vietnamese dinner party? How were they?? I hope you ladies each had a drink for me :) I had some very good Vietnamese food the other night; there are a lot of Vietnamese restaurants in my neighborhood (and i guess throughout HK).


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