Jan 7, 2011

Let it All Hang Out

My friend Angela recently moved to Hong Kong to persue an amazing job opportunity. Unfortuantely, however, HK real estate is ridiculously expensive and she will inevitably be living in cramped quarters. She asked for a few tips on how she might maximize her space, and I naturally turned to Apartment Therapy to see what sorts of solutions are out there. But there was just so much there that I wanted to break it down into a couple of posts. So in this late Friday hour I just wanted to showcase some clothing storage options, well one, and that is not stornig your clothing at all.

I think most Americans are pretty spoiled when it comes to closet size, but a lot of countries with more historic buildings just don't have built in closets. No problem though, if you have beautiful clothing (and I know Angela does) why not display it for everyone to admire. Or even better, display your shoes.
And then of course, there's this.
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  1. Thanks!!! I tried to comment on this the other night, but my stupid internet went out! I love the way she organized the clothes by color to actually make a color palette in her apartment. I'm totally going to do this. And i also love that one dress just hung on the wall like a piece of art- i think i may do that with that beautiful skirt i got at the fashion show in Sarajevo by a Bosnian designer. Yay!

  2. Also, it seems like color CAN work in a small space... i always thought best to keep the walls of small spaces white, but that's boring... looks like soft muted colors might work?

  3. OMG, the NYTimes article about that guy's apt in Hong Kong?!!! UNREAL. It's like a spaceship meets library stacks meets De Stijl.


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