Jan 12, 2011

Wednesday = Halfway

I had such a great weekend. My sister had to go to New York so I got to spend Saturday with her, eating brunch at Cafe Atlantico, checking out the Lincoln Memorial and going through the holocaust museum. But most of the weekend was devoted to preparing for out Vietnamese dinner party on Sunday. We made mini bahn mi (that were so good, I didn't get pictures), pork belly lettuce wraps, shaking beef, and vietnamese coffee ice cream. I'm actually pretty proud of how my center piece turned out. I have absolutely no plans for this weekend and I'm so happy about it. I plan on getting back on my half-marathon training, introducing Grizz to puppy daycare, and hopefully meeting up with my lady friends for some drinks or some other such merriment. What are your plans?


  1. Perhaps braving the Hong Kong markets in the evenings to find the perfect day bag. "Perfect" meaning not looking as cheap as it probably will be :) There are tons of designer bags and obviously even more designer rip-offs here, but i don't really need a Louis Vuitton bag (or rip-off) like everyone else here, so i hope to find something that can be classy but is a bit different. And by "braving" i mean actually searching for a good deal and not disappearing into the shopping vortex that is this city... it will be fun.

  2. p.s. the Vietnamese feast looks AMAZING

  3. These pics make me hungry. It looks yummy.
    kisses from Sweden!

  4. Thanks everyone! I wish I had pictures of the bahn mi!


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