Nov 9, 2010

Wednesday = Halfway (puppy edition)

Well we finally brought our little Grizzly home last week and aside from some puppy bites we have been happily playing all week long. Last weekend we pretty much just hung out with the Grizz all weekend. I love it when he rolls on his back and lets us pat his stomach and makes this goofy face (we call it froggy face).
(ps. PB made this delicious Coq Au Vin for some Grizzly visitors)


  1. Look at his little paws!! I love how he looks like he was just tipped over and fell asleep. That coq au vin looks awesome, by the way!

  2. Cannot believe how cute he is and how much he resembles Gracie as a puppy-- can't wait to see them together at x-mas!!-- xox, J

  3. Thanks! He can be a handful but it's hard to get angry at anything that cute!


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