Nov 16, 2010

Wednesday = Half Way

Even though I had to work a little this weekend, it actually turned out to be really satisfying. On Friday night, PB got us some super delicious sopresatta, wild boar sausage, gouda, pecorino, and a special brie and we played trivial pursuit (I won!). Saturday night we followed up a much needed trip to the gym with sushi from kotobuki (sooooo delicious) and watched Moon. On Sunday I had brunch with the ladies at Founding Farmers (I've only been talking about doing this since May) followed up with some shopping in Georgetown. I am trying to decide on a new perfume and I've narrowed it down to Stella MaCartney, Burburry's the beat, and Coach Poppy. And (perhaps most importantly) I experimented with above the knee socks.

Oh and we took funny picture of Grizzly while he was sleeping in weird positions. Next weekend I'm planning on cooking dinner with friends, heading to the Dupont Farmer's market, and maybe even trying out a new restaurant.

What are you looking forward to?

1 comment:

  1. First of all, nice work on the Trivial Pursuit - I know PB would make a tough competitor (when in doubt, just answer "La Paz, Bolivia"). Second of all, I'm liking the knee socks and think I need to do a little experiment. And finally, is Grizzly ACTUALLY sleeping in that picture?!?! I am so impressed!


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