Nov 29, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like...

I've already mentioned how much I love Christmas (here and here). I sometimes think it's silly to spend so much time discussing decorations for a day that I won't even be at home. But, something about sparkly lights and ornaments just makes those short days and windy nights easier to deal with. I've been so inspired by some great ideas out there, I thought I'd refer you to just a couple in case you are totally bored by your normal inspiration.

I am loving these more natural design ideas from Bo Bedre, via Emma's Design Blog. I mean if you've got that all white Scandinavian design thing going on, you might as well just add some green and red and you're already there. These natural looks use a lot of antlers (the perfect answer to indie decorators who love Christmas) big branches, rough linens, and leaves.
And I can't get over this more urban Christmas scheme on Ikea's Christmas Decoration blog. I love the assortment of unmatching chairs, Christmas cards, and bulbs. In the end, isn't that how our Christmas tables always end up looking when we have a nice full house? It's definitely an organized chaos look that suits those of us who have trouble saying no to a sparkly bulb.

And I have been flipping out for this technicolor Christmas spread from Rue Magazine since I first saw it. How much do you love those streamers coming down the wall? What inspiration have you been drawing from?

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